It’s always a busy week in the legal blogging world when the CDC issues some new guidance. Members of our community tackle that from a variety of angles as well as cover other timely issues. This week is all about being proactive, as evident in these blogging topics. We even have a member of our community who offers advice on making your firm’s strategies more proactive. Check ’em out below!

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Who is that masked employee and is she vaccinated? Employers wrestle with new CDC guidelines

New CDC guidance means new questions and new problems. With fully vaccinated individuals being allowed to forego masks in most indoor settings now, how will that function in the workplace? John Rodgers and Anne Yuengert tackle this problem head-on, laying out four different options for employers who wish to determine whether their employees are vaccinated or not. You can follow the honor system, ask employees, require actual proof or mandate the vaccine (with exceptions)—check out these options in further detail on Bradley’s Labor & Employment Insights.

Three ways marathon running can prepare you for business development

Need inspiration for a blog post but running short on ideas? Pull from your own life, just as Lindsay Griffiths of International Lawyers Network does in this post. She compares her training for marathons to business development planning—stressing the need for a plan, support and steady momentum. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you would never expect to be ready for a marathon overnight, so why should you expect to change your business development strategies so quickly either? Read more on this fantastic analogy at Zen and the Art of Legal Networking.

Tips for improving your media relations game

Everyone could use some tips on media relations—how to build relations or get the press to notice you. Randy Labuzinski used to be a reporter/editor and has some inside tips to share. Some things might seem obvious—like providing all the information and being cognizant of deadlines—but really, they’re things you need to make sure you’re doing if you want to foster good relationships. He does a great job writing this blog post in a casual yet informative tone, separating his different points into sections. The whole thing is available at Jaffe’s Blog.

ICE ends fining of undocumented immigrants, calls penalties ineffective

Raymound Lahoud authors this timely post on ICE’s new change in policy, which no longer fines undocumented immigrants who fail to depart the United States. He breaks his blog post up into two sections—focusing first on this new policy change and then looking back on what previous fining of undocumented immigrants would look like. Before this policy change was enacted, only 1% of the issued fines had been collected he reports on Norris McLaughlin’s Immigration Lawyers Blog.

Proactive profitability for law firms

It’s always a good feeling to be on top of things, rather than fighting to stay afloat. It’s easier said than done, though, and Mark Medice recommends looking at the Eisenhower Principle when assessing the tasks in front of you. He lays out a detailed post that walks you through the process of becoming proactive rather than reactive. This includes eight specific recommendations you can find on LawVision’s Blog.

Employment LawScene Alert: What does the CDC’s new mask guidance mean for employers?

It’s always a good idea to construct a blog post around answering questions—especially questions clients and potential clients are bound to ask. Erica Reib of O’Neil Cannon uses this format to address the newest CDC guidance. A similar post to one mentioned above, this one is just another example of ways you can write about timely updates in your specific niche. She answers three commonly asked questions on Employment Law Scene Blog.

Carnival Cruise Line requires no COVID-19 vaccinations for guests

Jim Walker never fails to impress. His recent post on an update from Carnival Cruise Line is a great example of quoting other sources—and doing that properly—and adding your commentary alongside theirs. Questions about vaccines are the hot topic right now and Carnival Cruise Line has said they will not require a COVID vaccine for guests. Jim includes comments from the blog’s Facebook page and some criticisms found on Twitter on his blog Cruise Law News.

COVID-19 vaccination booking site may reveal vaccination status

It has been reported that the NHS booking system in the UK for COVID-19 vaccinations has led to complaints that it could be used to reveal the vaccination status of individuals through the use of simple personal information. Clare Sellars of Ropes & Gray addresses this potential privacy breach on the blog RopesDataPhiles. She explains how this could potentially reveal vaccination status and what The National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care has said in response.

CDC updates workplace vaccination program

We’ve got another post on CDC updates for the workplace, but this one is different as Anne Hall takes a look at what the CDC has to say on workplace vaccination program. Her post is visually appealing and easy to follow, broken up by bullet points and headers. She sums up what the CDC recommends and what the best practices currently are for employers on Hall Benefits Law Blog.

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Michelle works on LexBlog’s Publishing team and assists in managing and creating the company’s editorial and social content, as well as working with clients to ensure the overall success of their blogs. She has experience working in all different realms of publishing—including newspapers,

Michelle works on LexBlog’s Publishing team and assists in managing and creating the company’s editorial and social content, as well as working with clients to ensure the overall success of their blogs. She has experience working in all different realms of publishing—including newspapers, magazines and research journals. Michelle has published a poetry book and been featured in an anthology.