A new listing has named me among the top 200 legal consultants in the world.

Global Legal Leaders, a US-based online listing, recently went live with the aim of providing “real-time access to the expertise of lawyers, accountants, consultants and ALSPs in 10,000 firms in 160 countries – for free”.

According to Global Legal Leaders, “the 200 consultants have unique skill sets that firms, and corporate legal department require”.

Th site features 500 organizations active in the legal services industry – 200 of the largest law firms, 75 leading law firm networks, 25 alternative legal service providers, as well as the 200 consultants.

Together, the featured organizations and individuals amount to 600,000 professionals that generate $300 billion in legal services.

Additionally, the site features a list of the most prominent reporters and journalists in the legal media.

Global Legal Leaders is linked to a US-based organization called AILFN (the Association of International Law Firm Networks), a nonprofit trade association that promotes law firm networks and legal and accounting services providers worldwide.

The parent company also publishes LawyersAccountants.com, a web directory of 70 legal and accounting networks with members in 160 countries.