Juro has completed its SOC2 Type 1 audit, and is in the process of gaining SOC2 Type 2 certification, renewing our commitment to secure processes to protect our customers.

Trust is fundamental to agreeing a contract. That means trust is at the heart of everything we do here – from our robust contract workflows that enable legal teams to stay in control of automated contracts, to our readable privacy policy that enables any user to understand how we use their data.

We’ve been working throughout 2021 to undertake the rigorous reviews of our policies and procedures that’s required to gain SOC2 Type 1 approval, and we’re really happy to share that we’ve now successfully completed the process.

What is SOC2?

Meeting the SOC2 standards confirms that we meet the highest industry benchmarks when it comes to information integrity. We were assessed by an independent auditor who examined specific areas, to confirm that:

  • We perform individual audits of our antivirus software availability
  • We conduct pre-employment background checks and provide security training to all employees when they join, and on an ongoing basis
  • We conduct ongoing compliance monitoring to ensure that the key configurations that our controls rely on are in place, and that we can respond quickly to issues that arise

Why now?

Juro is still a small company, albeit growing 3x year on year, and the SOC2 process takes a long time, because it’s thorough and comprehensive. As we mature and grow, it’s increasingly important to our current and future customers that we have independent, respected verification of our security procedures. This is why we dedicated so much time to SOC2 this year – to make sure we offer our users the maximum comfort that their data is safe with us.

What’s next?

In the next few months we will secure our SOC2 type 2 certification, as the SOC2 auditors monitor our compliance with the agreed standards. We look forward to sharing that news with you, as we continue on our mission to build the all-in-one contract automation platform that enables the world to agree more.

If you’d like to discuss our security procedures and product features with our team, just hit the button below to get in touch.