What’s new in Juro? An upgraded negotiation flow to help you get to yes faster. Here are the details.

Negotiating contracts is a fact of life for legal teams – indeed, for any business team that deals with contracts. ‘Negotiating’ can mean anything from correcting the odd legal entity name here and the odd notice period there, to a comprehensive rewrite with each party pushing their commercial agenda as hard as possible.

But negotiation doesn’t have to be all bad. After all, both parties want to sign – that’s how they got this far – so we wanted to do everything we could to make that process quicker and less painful for our users.

That’s why we worked with our customers to create our new negotiation flow, to solve three core problems for legal teams. As a lawyer:

  • How do I stay in control of changes to this document that my colleagues make?
  • How do I stay in control of who can see amendments I make to the document?
  • How do I know where to look – what changed since the last version and where is my input required?

Here’s what’s new 👇

🎨 Like a version

It’s easy to lose track of which changes were made when, and which version you prefer, if you have to manage versions manually via Word. Now in Juro, you can enjoy granular version control as your contracts are amended and negotiated.

We’ve expanded our timeline to create an explicit, visual version history, that lets you click back through previous versions with absolute control:

This makes it easier to find the version with the wording you’re looking for. And because Juro is an all-in-one platform, there’s no need to switch between Word, email, PDFs and shared drives to find the right document – it’s all right here in your single source of truth.

🧵 Threaded comments

Contract negotiations can get complex, with lengthy discussion around key points like liability caps or data use provisions. But it’s important that key stakeholders, like legal counsel, can quickly identify the points they need to review, and follow conversations during and after the fact.

That’s why we built threaded comments:

At the negotiation phase, you can now make comments part of a conversation, and collapse and expand those conversations easily to make negotiations easy to follow. Get through your reviews more easily, so you can get to signature faster.

🛠 Tools for safety

While there are other collaborative cloud-based editors out there – like Google Docs – Juro is the only browser-native editor purpose-built for contracts. This means we needed to build features that enable the specific requirements that parties to a contract have – like having time to edit, review and adjust your comments, before you commit to sharing them with the other side.

That’s why we focused on safety in this update. You can keep making suggestions and comments that are only visible to your side, unless and until you choose to send back a new version:

This means you stay in control of the amendments the counterparty sees, as well as when they see them – reducing friction and misunderstanding in negotiations, and helping you get to a speedy resolution more easily.

This new negotiation flow will be made available to customers in the coming days. As always, we’d love your feedback and suggestions for new features we can add to Juro’s all-in-one contract automation platform. 

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