Lawyerist is adding more expertise, resources, and expanded ways to help firms through its recent merger with Affinity Consulting Group. 

On January 1, 2023, Lawyerist Media, LLC, the go-to resource for small law firms building healthier businesses, merged with Affinity Consulting Group, LLC, the leading consulting firm helping legal organizations find better ways to work.

Affinity Offers Hands-on Implementation Services

While the two teams are similar, Affinity Consulting offers more design and implementation services. Similar to Lawyerist, Affinity Consulting works with legal teams on strategic plans, firm retreats, training, and business coaching. While Lawyerist has traditionally offered a “done with you” implementation plan, Affinity Consulting provides customized “done for you” solutions. 

The Affinity team is the go-to team for designing, building, and implementing new technology and system solutions for legal teams. The Affinity team helps firms through the entire configuration and rollout process for all the tools firms need, including:

  • Practice management
  • Billing and accounting    
  • Salesforce consulting
  • Document automation
  • Document management

“Affinity Consulting is the only choice for teams looking to outsource the building and implementation of tech solutions for their firm. They bring a new level of services to our community that we haven’t previously been able to offer,” explains Lawyerist CEO Stephanie Everett. “We are so excited to share their expertise with our community.” 

Lawyerist Grows Stronger

While the merger means some internal changes, it will not change how the legal community interacts with the Lawyerist brand. Lawyers can still:

“It might not look like much has changed for many of the lawyers in our community, but they will all benefit from the additional expertise and resources the Affinity team brings to the table,” said Lawyerist CEO Stephanie Everett. “Affinity’s resources will allow us to build more tools and services to help small firms build future-focused firms.” 

Lawyerist + Affinity Build for the Future

Leadership for the enhanced team is excited to explore new ways to expand services and value to the legal community. “This is a deal where 1+1 = 19 in that our teams really are better and stronger together,” said Affinity Group’s co-founder and Managing Partner, Debbie Foster. “This merger will benefit the entire legal community as our teams come together to build new products and tools that legal organizations of all sizes need most right now.”  

“This merger will benefit the entire legal community as our teams come together to build new products and tools that legal organizations of all sizes need most right now.” 

debbie foster

The beginning of 2023 includes The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited, the second edition of Lawyerist’s best-selling book. And, a new podcast, Powerful Leaders No Apologies, a show focused on women in legal owning their power and changing the world. 

Lawyers interested in learning how the team can help their firms can connect at Affinity Consulting Group or Lawyerist.

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