April 27, 2023 – from Matt Sunderman (CEO) & Rob Corrao (Executive Chairman)

Late last year, we shared the news that the private equity firm Renovus Capital made a strategic investment in HBR Consulting.  In the months preceding that, Renovus Capital had made significant investments in two other specialist companies also serving the legal ecosystem – LAC Group and Wilson Allen.

So, what’s happening and what’s the plan?

Our plan is to build a powerful new combined entity. One with an unmatched ability to serve law firms, corporate law departments and other information-driven enterprises as a true industry partner, and to help them to navigate and thrive through a period of massive change in how they do business, and how they deliver solutions both internally and to their respective clients.

Standing alone, the individual businesses of HBR Consulting, LAC Group and Wilson Allen are leaders in their market segments – over 80 percent of the Global 200 law firms and nearly 50 percent of the Fortune 500 already have a trusted partnership with at least one of our three companies.

HBR Consulting is the acknowledged market leader in strategic advisory, implementation, and managed services to large law firms worldwide and hundreds of corporate law departments.

LAC Group has specialists in deep legal research, information management and competitive intelligence, and provides a unique and flexible partnership model that can either enhance or augment existing in-house capabilities to deliver case research, industry research, segment and sector insights, and intelligence briefings.

Wilson Allen has built its reputation as a provider of industry-specialist technology resources and expertise to manage the execution of enterprise-tech transformation projects such as modernizing financial + risk + marketing systems, cloud migrations, complex data management and integration, and associated business process automation.

Together, our companies will provide a unique combination of seasoned advice, insights, deep resources and execution muscle to help clients accelerate their most mission-critical initiatives. The internal mantra is that we ‘bring more to the table’ – more expertise, more talented people, and more ideas to drive quality outcomes. Our people – exceptional, resourceful, and trusted experts – are committed to our clients, to each other, and to our role in the legal ecosystem.

So, what is the timeline for our integration?

Work is well underway.

  • Since the beginning of this year, we have been aligning our enterprise operations – establishing best-in-class functions for Talent, Information Technology, Go-to-Market, Strategic Alliances and Finance to support the combined group of companies.
  • In Q1, we announced the acquisition of the Intapp practice of cloud specialists Aurora North, as well as content-management and cloud specialists, Younts Consulting, further expanding our capabilities and resources.
  • In Q2, we will announce our integrated leadership team as well as our re-defined roles: Matt Sunderman (Chief Executive Officer) and Rob Corrao (Executive Chairman). And we will share more on our four key practice areas – each a globally integrated team of strategists, technologists and specialists with deep domain expertise in critical business areas.

Short term, we will continue to go to market under the three existing brands – HBR Consulting (now incorporating Younts Consulting), LAC Group and Wilson Allen (now incorporating Aurora North), until we launch under a single brand early in Q3.  But you can expect us to show up now as one aligned organization – partnering with you and bringing together our best capabilities.

HBR Consulting, LAC Group and Wilson Allen have operated alongside – and greatly respected – each other in the market for many years.  As we now bring our companies together, we have a shared vision – and excitement – about combining our strengths to become more than the sum of our parts: the premier solutions provider for the industry we serve, for our clients and partners, and for our people.

We will share progress reports as we move forward in our integration, and you can expect to hear from us with another update later in May.

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