Navigating the world of special needs parenting can be daunting. It requires a delicate balance of creativity, persistence, and love. One individual who embodies these traits is Cheryl Farley, a mother of a special needs child and an Assistive Technology Specialist. Her story, shared in a recent podcast episode, is a testament to the power of resilience in the face of adversity.

Cheryl’s journey began with her son Liam’s educational path. He was placed in a smaller classroom setting that offered both benefits and challenges. The personalized attention he received was a boon, but finding suitable vocational opportunities and job coaching was a struggle. Cheryl’s ingenuity shone through as she thought outside the box to find suitable job opportunities for Liam.

Navigating through disability resources and support systems is another facet of Cheryl’s journey. She walked us through her experience in applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for Liam and explains her journey working directly with Host Annette Hines through the SNAP (Special Needs Advocacy and Planning) masterclass and coaching program. She notes how helpful setting up a Circle of Care – a support system beyond the immediate family – has been to guiding Liam successfully. Hear from Cheryl herself how the online SSI application process can be tackled, and the importance of having a strong Circle of Care. This isn’t just about learning the ropes, it’s about gaining confidence, building relationships, and ultimately finding balance in a sometimes turbulent sea.

One of the key points Cheryl emphasized is the importance of creative approaches in special needs parenting. Her background as an Assistive Technology Specialist played a crucial role in finding tools to aid her son. However, creativity is not limited to devising learning tools; it also extends to finding opportunities for Liam to grow and develop his skills.

A central theme in Cheryl’s story is the importance of maintaining a delicate balance. This balance involves pushing Liam to tackle challenges head-on, yet knowing when to pause and reassess. This delicate act requires a deep understanding of Liam’s capabilities and limitations, highlighting the critical role of person-centered planning in special needs parenting.

Don’t miss a moment of this enlightening conversation with Cheryl. It’s a testament to the strength of love, persistence, and creativity in the face of adversity. Learn more about the SNAP course on a previous episode, “Designing a Disability Support Plan for Independent Living.

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