What happens when a mother’s fierce love for her special needs child intertwines with her passion for photography? Magic! Join us on this heartwarming journey with Marcie Randall, a dedicated mother, and an exceptional photographer, as she turns her struggles and triumphs navigating the healthcare system for her medically fragile son into a beacon of hope for other families. Marcie’s inspiring story combines advocacy, photography, and parenting in a way that’s as enlightening as it is moving.

Can capturing the moment make a difference? Absolutely! Marcie, through her special needs portraiture business – Sunschein Photography, is on a mission to showcase the unique beauty of families with special needs. She generously shares her journey from being a parent and an advocate to becoming a photographer. We’ll explore the challenges of getting that perfect shot, and Marcie will reveal some of her secrets to preparing for a successful photo session. But more than tips and tricks, Marcie emphasizes the invaluable significance of family photos, especially for families like ours.

We wrap up our conversation on a high note, appreciating Marcie’s commitment to capturing authentic reflections of families with special needs and fostering a sense of belonging and understanding. So, sit back and join us for this enlightening chat as we delve into the world of special needs through the lens of a camera and see the beauty and resilience it reveals.

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