What’s one of the biggest issues most special needs families worry about?  Housing.   This episode unlocks the complexities of the intricate world of housing for those with some form of intellectual or developmental disability or (IDD) with the help of special guest, Pam Blanton, founder and CEO of Partners4Housing.   Tune in to discover how Partners4Housing is changing the lives of families in Washington state by empowering families to create housing solutions that meet the unique needs of their loved ones with IDD and create a real solution for the future.

Hear about Partners4Housing‘s unique roommate matching pool and shared living development services. Partners4Housing offers a unique suite of services, including a unique roommate matching pool and shared living development services. These offerings not only cater to the specific needs of the disability community but also address the common challenges families face in finding appropriate housing.

A significant part of our discussion with Pam revolved around the concept of a family-driven housing model. The cornerstone of this model is the role of the caregiver. Choosing the right caregiver is a critical decision that can significantly impact the quality of life for the person with a disability. Partners for Housing offers support in navigating this important decision and provides access to various caregiver supports available.

A key part of navigating the disability housing terrain is understanding and accessing the benefits and assistance available to families. From Medicaid waivers to housing vouchers, we delved deep into these topics, offering practical solutions and advice for families in need. Understanding these systems can significantly reduce the financial burden on families and make housing for the disabled a more achievable goal.

One innovative solution that Pam advocates for is shared living. Shared living involves people with disabilities living together to share the cost of housing and services. While setting up a shared living home can be a complex process involving legalities and household budgets, Partners4Housing provides guidance and resources to make this process smoother and more manageable.

We also highlighted the Circle of Care on Mighty Networks – a refreshing platform for our disability community to connect, learn, and share experiences. This platform offers a wealth of information and resources, serving as a beacon of support for those navigating the disability housing landscape.

In conclusion, housing for the disabled is a complex issue, but with the right support and resources, it is not an insurmountable challenge. Pam Blanton’s work with Partners4Housing is testament to the power of innovation and dedication in addressing this pressing issue. By empowering families with knowledge and practical solutions, we can make strides towards creating a more inclusive and supportive housing landscape for the disability community.

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