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  • Mexico’s Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social) (SLSW) recently enabled a module on the REPSE website in order to renew licenses for providers of outsourced specialized services.
  • REPSE license holders have three months to complete the renewal process, with the start date depending on the year and month that a holder started the prior REPSE enrollment. The SLSW has published a chart of the renewals for each license in the Official Gazette of the Federation (Diario Oficial de la Federación).
  • In addition to the above, there are some requirements and specific elements for providers to consider before and during the renewal process.

The Renewal Process, Step by Step

In order to properly file for the Registry of Specialized Services Providers or Specialized Works (REPSE, for its acronym in Spanish) license renewal, outsourcing providers may want to note the following steps:

  1. Access the REPSE website and log into the appropriate account. Once the license holder logs in, there will be a module named “License Renewal.” This module will only be available during the renewal period(three months prior to the expiration date of the license).
  2. Within the License Renewal module, providers must update the documentation that was utilized during their registration process, and demonstrate compliance with (i) tax and (ii) social security obligations. Some of the information will be preloaded into the platform; however, employers may want to verify that all of the information prior to uploading the information is accurate.
  3. The SLSW will have up to twenty working days to review the process and determine whether the renewal will be granted or rejected.
  4. If approved, the renewal license will be issued. In case the request is denied, the SLSW will proceed to the cancellation process of the REPSE license.

The SLSW may perform a revision process prior to the renewal process. Therefore, providers may want to start the process during the first days of the three-month license renewal period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Will the REPSE license registration number change?

Answer 1. No, the REPSE license registration number will be the same one the license holder had when it was first enrolled.

Q2. How will REPSE license holders know if they need to start the renewal process?

A2. REPSE license holders will receive a reminder as soon as they log into the REPSE website. They will be notified through the contact information that was provided when first enrolled.

Q3. Do REPSE license holders need to renew agreements for the specialized services with clients?

A3. No. Such agreements will continue to be active and in full force.

Q4. Do REPSE license holders need to make modifications to their activities?

A4. No, it is not necessary, but modifications can be made if there are activities that a REPSE license holder wants to add or eliminate. These activities must be established on the business purpose entry of the REPSE license holder.

Q5. If a REPSE license holder modifies/changes its corporate name, does this have to include a notification of the new name during the renewal process?

A5. During the renewal process, the REPSE license holder’s information is updated, so no notice will be necessary.

Q6. How long will it take to receive an answer regarding the renewal from the SLSW?

A6. At the most, twenty working days.

Q7. When can employers start the REPSE renewal process?

A7. The registration must be renewed within three months prior to the expiration date of the registration.

Ogletree Deakins’ Mexico City office will continue to monitor developments and will provide updates on the Cross-Border blog as additional information becomes available.

Pietro Straulino-Rodríguez is the managing partner of the Mexico City office of Ogletree Deakins.

Nora M. Villalpando Badillo is of counsel in the Mexico City office of Ogletree Deakins.

Natalia Merino Moreno is an associate in the Mexico City office of Ogletree Deakins.

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