On 15 May we posted a piece on a case about the importance of context on workplace discussions which might otherwise sail close to being discriminatory. As if by magic, Acas has now issued some new Guidance which includes comment on the same point: “Religion or Belief Discrimination – Key points for the Workplace”. View Full Post
Now here’s a case which doesn’t feel entirely fair, about an employer’s liability under Section 15 Equality Act 2010. Section 15 says that if you treat an employee unfavourably because of something arising from his disability, then you will have discriminated against him unless that treatment is justified.   View Full Post
Ostensibly the Employment Appeal Tribunal’s decision in Bakkali –v- Greater Manchester Buses last week is a faintly technical one about how the required connection with a personal characteristic protected under the Equality Act differs between direct discrimination and harassment. Direct discrimination requires the unfavourable treatment to be “on the grounds of” the characteristic, implying some element of deliberation in it. View Full Post
The Squires international employment law portal continues its growth with the release last week of its Nigeria section. No more desperate internet searches, no more conflicting information or worrying about whether you are getting the whole picture – Global Edge offers you the opportunity to research specific questions or to compare and contrast Nigerian labour costs, laws and good practice with your other international operations as you prefer, all in less than a minute. View Full Post
After a breathless April saw Global Edge secure awards for lawyer innovation and technology in London and Dubai, our celebrated international Employment Law portal starts May with the addition of a new jurisdiction, Portugal. As a taster, did you know that they have over 1,000 different ways of cooking cod there, and that despite 95% of Portugal’s sovereign territory being open sea, the fish is almost all imported? View Full Post
Well, in the learned words of the Squires’ Labour and Employment global co-head, OMG. Hot on the heels of its success at the Legal Business Awards earlier in the week, our international employment law portal Global Edge also triumphed last night in the Middle East Legal Awards 2018 hosted by Legal Week and the Association of Corporate Counsel in Dubai. View Full Post
What do you not know about Finland that might help you with your HR operations there? Is it that there are no polar bears there, or is that merely reassuring rather than helpful?  Is it that back in 1906 it was the first country in Europe to give women the vote, or is that uplifting but not really relevant day-to-day?  View Full Post