Matthew Latella

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Matt Latella is a veteran in Baker McKenzie’s Litigation and Government Enforcement Group. A trial lawyer with over 20 years experience, Matt has deep expertise in recovering assets from fraudsters, regardless of where the funds are located. He has particularly deep aptitude and familiarity with a powerful tool for freezing assets: the Mareva injunction. On multiple occasions, he has represented plaintiffs before courts across Canada, obtaining the most rare and powerful form of that extraordinary remedy, the worldwide Mareva injunction. While on secondment to the Firm’s London, England office, Matt focused on multijurisdictional fraud litigation and “trust-busting” asset tracing proceedings in multiple offshore jurisdictions, including in appeal proceedings before the UK Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Over the years, he has handled multiple complex commercial disputes, resulting in the successful recovery of many millions of dollars. In matters where the preservation of evidence held by adverse parties was at risk, Matt has obtained and overseen the execution of ex parte Anton Piller orders, allowing the evidence to be seized and preserved. Matt has litigated fraud matters at all levels of Court, including the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, representing a wide range of clients from large multinational Fortune 500 companies and global financial institutions to small businesses and individuals.

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