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New Jersey lawyers need to think twice before advertising their selection as a “Super Lawyer, a “Best Lawyer,” or another superlative-laden designation.

There’s a lot to love about New Jersey.

Its fantastic produce.

Its plentiful scenic lakes, mountains, state parks,
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Law firms should use educational email campaigns to nurture “tire kickers,” a.k.a. prospective clients, to convert them into clients.

Some lawyers get frustrated by “tire kickers,” a.k.a. prospective clients who are not yet ready to retain a lawyer. You can
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Even with this ruling, Texas lawyers should continue publicizing their lawsuits, provided they understand how to avoid defaming adversaries when they do so.

We’re taking a trip to the Lone Star State. Austin to be exact, to check in with
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Bylined articles give lawyers a platform to demonstrate their knowledge to their target audiences. So why aren’t you writing more of them?

“You’re joking, right?” the franchise lawyer asked me.

“Not at all,” I said.

“So instead of convincing an
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It sounds counterintuitive, but collaboration is a key ingredient in successful ghostwriting relationships.

Collaboration is key when working with ghostwriters of all kinds, but especially with ghostwriters who craft thought-leadership marketing content like blog posts, bylined articles, and client alerts.
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