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Everything I’m about to say assumes that your law firm is not in dire straits because your overhead is killing you while your clients are busy focusing on non-legal matters of life and death, and wrestling the fears Americans normally are not forced to confront. If your firm is in dire financial shape, what I’m about to say will only matter if you 1) survive and 2) have good marketing in place to when the…
The best time to build sustainable legal marketing, and secure a sustainable advantage, is when business is slow. The more you strategically utilize your downtime to work on your website, the less future slow times you’ll have, and the more you’ll be able to choose the types of cases and clients you want to engage because each opportunity in the future will cost you nothing. The post The Legal Marketing Mindset That Wins In Recession
When you hire a ghostwriter to create content for your law firm’s website, staying in control of your website comes down to three key concepts. In this episode of the Law Firm Marketing Decoded Podcast, we’ll discuss what to know about executing each of these concepts the right way if you choose to hire a ghostwriter. The post How to Stay in Control When You Hire a Ghostwriter For Your Law Firm’s Website: Podcast Episode