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Mike McBride has been blogging since 2001, starting with what was, in essence, a blog about technology and being a One-Man IT Department. Over the years, his career has taken some twists and turns, as well as my interests, so now you will find blog posts covering everything from Social Networking, Law firms and Litigation Support, Travel, Training and yes, he's still writing about technology! He's even branched out into Photography and Sports Talk.

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And so, I wonder if those yearly, semi-annual, quarterly, video training would be a lot more effective if we also shared specific examples of people who got phished, and how they fell for it?
Like most things in life, it’s
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The reality is if you allow people to be flexible and get their work done in the way that makes the most sense for them, individually, they will all benefit from that decision. There won’t be a fairness issue because
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