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If your practice isn’t growing, it might be because you’re not doing the things you did when you started out, or you’re not doing them the way you did before. 

You’ve become complacent. And lost your edge.

Fortunately, you can

If you want your practice to grow, one of the best things you can do is stand out from other lawyers and firms. 

Most lawyers and firms don’t. 

They offer the same services, make the same promises, charge similar fees,

Everyone gets unsolicited email and I’m no exception. It’s usually from complete strangers but sometimes it’s from people I know (or knew), who apparently believe that because I know them, or subscribed to their list at some point or bought something

Many experts tell you to “speak like your prospective clients speak,” mirroring and matching their language, word choices, and style, so they will more easily understand and relate to you. 

They say that most people don’t have a legal background