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You’re gaining status as an influencer, and your follower counts are high and climbing. You’ve tapped into a cultural current, and your content is resonating with members of a large and growing audience. Well done! That’s not an easy feat. And if the followers you’re attracting are the followers you actually want, that’s even better. You’re on a roll! It may be time to start reaching out to brands… Source
Becoming a bona fide “influencer” is a little like becoming famous; it’s a fun and common goal, but it’s not usually something we just decide to do and it magically happens. It takes effort, strategy, and luck to build an online following large enough to draw the attention of brands hoping to ride the wake of your success and good name. And of the three, effort and strategy are the only two that… Source
When it passed in 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act failed to renew a provision contained in 2004’s Jobs Creation Act, known as Internal Revenue Code Section 181, which allowed film, television and media producers to immediately expense costs that would otherwise need to be capitalized and deducted over the course of ten years. Without Section 181 in place, a motion picture or media project… Source
Video Games Soar During Pandemic While the Movie Industry Navigates It. The pandemic has had an undeniable cooling effect on live-action motion picture production, and both film creators and decision makers in the theatrical exhibition industry are still looking for ways to bring the in-theater movie experience back on track safely. But in the meantime, video games have roared in to fill the gap… Source
AMPTP Strikes New Deals with Major Motion Picture & Television Union Groups In spite of the unique negotiating circumstances stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers has recently reached new agreements with each of The Directors Guild of America, The Writers Guild of America, and The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television & Source
It looks like a ray of light has started to shine through the stubborn conflict between the Writers Guild of America and the major talent agencies. The results appear to hinge on a conditional deal that involves hard but significant concessions on both sides. Packaging deals, the practice at the heart of the conflict, offer a lucrative arrangement for talent agencies. Reports are that UTA has… Source
Hollywood union leaders have recently issued industry-wide guidelines that recommend motion picture studio production changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to those who have drafted the protocols, if reopening is to happen safely, actors, crew, and everyone who participates in the process will need to be protected from infection, and these guidelines are designed with that goal… Source
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, movie theaters have closed for the time being, but consumers have not lost any appetite for the movie-viewing experience. So with streaming services temporarily taking over as the primary option for movie watching, how can the concept of “new releases” stay intact? How can the same fresh experience be delivered to movie-goers from the safety of their homes… Source
Esports (real-time multiplayer video games) are a relatively new entrant to the sports entertainment industry. And as a newcomer, the credibility of the esports enterprise has been subject to no shortage of scrutiny and controversy. People continually debated the primary question: Are esports “real” sports? But the COVID-19 outbreak may have made that question moot. In fact, as other in-person… Source
Streaming services overall tend to demonstrate a preference for animation over live-action productions, especially when it comes to children’s content, primarily because of lower production costs. Without production and sets, the cost difference is wide enough to appeal to streamers. Among shows for children, animation makes up about 62% of streaming service content, versus 32% percent that can be… Source