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Bottom line: When it comes to marketing, law firms often get more mileage out of noteworthy achievements than they do from newsworthy ones.

Think newsworthy events at your law firm are the best way to move the needle with referrals
Continue Reading NEWSworthy achievements at your law firm are great. But NOTEworthy ones may actually help you get clients.

Bottom line: It is possible to provide a sound bite to reporters about damages without revealing exactly how much you’re seeking.

When plaintiffs attorneys and their clients seek publicity for the filing of a legal complaint, they often get tripped
Continue Reading Plaintiffs attorneys should say *THIS* when a reporter asks how much in damages they’re seeking in a client’s lawsuit

Bottom line: An attorney should never waste an opportunity to publicly tell a client’s side of the story—even when a reporter calls them seeking comment mere minutes before the reporter’s deadline.

What to do when a reporter calls you for
Continue Reading Here’s how attorneys should respond to reporters calling for comment minutes before their deadline