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The Duty to Accommodate Disabled Employees Imagine working diligently at your job when an unexpected injury disrupts your daily routine. Now, think about how your employer should handle your return to work. This scenario raises critical questions about the legal

The cuts include 4,000 positions at its primary Telus business and 2,000 at Telus International, offering early retirement and voluntary departure packages. The decision is influenced by changing regulatory, competitive, and macroeconomic factors.  The company has recently undergone layoffs as

At the height of the pandemic, many employers switched to remote work to comply with public health guidelines. As the world restructures to a new normal, the workforce is continuously contemplating whether to bring employees back into the office. Consequently,

Employers are generally not legally required to provide warnings before terminating employees without cause. They can terminate employees without warning if they provide the appropriate notice or severance pay. Termination of employment without providing notice of dismissal, an inadequate amount