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October 2019

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Lead management is a crucial aspect of any law firm’s operations. It helps to ensure that potential new clients (PNCs) are effectively tracked and followed up with in a timely manner. However, managing these leads can be a challenging task,

  • Accessibility – Alt text, headers, keyboard interaction, media alternatives.
  • Marketing – Aesthetics, content marketing, images/video.
  • Technical – SEO, page load time, scroll time.
  • The judges will use these categories as they fill out the grading rubric. Websites with the highest

    Incrementalism—dividing large goals into bite-sized chunks—is the key to finishing a project on time and remaining sane. This is why Lawyerist Lab members work in 3-week sprints. Working in sprints, lawyers meet with their community and a coach to tackle

    Law Practice Exchange helps lawyers discover unrealized value in their practices. LPE has changed the marketplace for the better. They’re connecting offices with a wider range of potential purchasers and educating firms on what buyers are looking for. Solos and