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Natasha Romagnoli and Anna K. Milunas When more than just university dollars are at stake, understanding and maximizing control over the claims resolution process in advance is essential for higher education policyholders. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) have always been controversial topics at colleges and universities, but the last several years have seen DEI debates amplified to … Continue reading “DEI Claims in Higher Education: Why Control over the Claims Resolution Process Matters and What Universities Need
Robert P. Jacobs On November 27, 2020, the day after Thanksgiving was celebrated in the United States, the United Kingdom Supreme Court issued a long-awaited decision in Halliburton Company v. Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd., a decision that has been characterized as bringing clarity to an arbitrator’s duty of disclosure where the arbitrator has received multiple … Continue reading “Eyes Wide Open: The Quest for Arbitrator Impartiality in the Wake of Halliburton“
Allison Zamani The principal focus in considering insurance coverage for COVID-19-related losses and liabilities has, thus far, primarily concerned business interruption coverage. But there are many other types of coverage that could come into play as businesses recover. Among the various other types of insurance coverage that could be implicated is Directors & Officers (“D&O”) … Continue reading “What’s Next with D&O and COVID-19 Coverage?”
Natasha Romagnoli and Hannah K. Ahn With the recent rise in novel diversity lawsuits, which have targeted some of the leading companies across the country, and are sure to be a hot topic of litigation this year and beyond, policyholders are highly encouraged to review their existing directors and officers (“D&O”) insurance policies to ensure that … Continue reading “Under Pressure to Diversify: Availability of D&O Coverage for Corporate Diversity Claims”
Blank Rome LLP is pleased to announce that our practice groups and attorneys received the following high-level rankings and recognitions in Benchmark Litigation 2021.  Practice Group Rankings For the third year in a row, our Insurance Recovery practice group, which was named Benchmark Litigation’s 2020 Insurance Firm of the Year, was ranked Tier 1 nationally. This year, the group was also among three select firms notably … Continue reading “Benchmark Litigation 2021 Recognizes Blank Rome Attorneys and Practices”
John A. Gibbons 1. Assess the policies you have and reassess the policies you should buy in the future. 2020 has brought a host of unwelcome events: pandemics, fires, floods, cyberattacks, financial failures, etc. An insurance program tailored to the risks and business opportunities of your specific company can provide for recovery during dark times, … Continue reading “Top 10 Tips for Insurance Policyholders (Fall 2020)”
Julia K. Holt California courts strictly enforce an insurer’s duty to immediately commence defending its insured. The insurer’s delay in doing so, even if the delay is short, constitutes a breach of this important duty. In fact, California imposes a 40-day time limit for an insurer to provide its written coverage position under the Prompt, … Continue reading “California Corner: Insurer’s Failure to Immediately Commence Defense Waives California Civil Code Section 2860 Rate Limitations for
Robert N. Lane* and Linda Kornfeld Part 1 So far, traditional first-party property insurers have taken hardline “no coverage” positions for COVID-19 business interruption claims. As a result, policyholders nationwide (and even around the world) have been left to contemplate whether to press their coverage claims through litigation, or stay on the sidelines and watch … Continue reading “COVID-19 Coverage Litigation Update: Will Your Claim Be Batched with Others for Resolution?”