What’s with the gratuitous lawyer slams Mark Cuban hands out on occasion?

I get that some people consider lawyers deal killers or meddling middlemen (and sometimes they are!), but of all people, you would think Cuban would be thanking his lucky stars that lawyers were there to defend him when the feds brought SEC charges against him several years ago.

I don’t know any of his attorneys, but I know they labored mightily against a powerful government with unlimited resources and had to cover about a million alternative scenarios up to and through the trial and make life and death strategic decisions to get the great result they did for him.

Doesn’t Cuban appreciate any of this?

Appreciate what could have happened to him?

Understand that a misstep here or there could have resulted in a tragic outcome for him?

Or does he just consider the entire affair a marketplace exchange of value, where he pays a certain number of dollars and gets a particular result?

I suspect he’s smarter than that. And I give him big time credit for having the courage to fight (and win) rather than pleading to some lesser-included offense.

But no one but a skilled lawyer could have pulled that hundred pound guerrilla off of him.

He should know better.


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