Clarification regarding Applicability of GST on supply of cranes, rigs, tools & Spares and other machinery when moved from one state to another by a person on his account for their use for supply of service

As per Circular No. 21/21/2017-GST dated 22.11.2017, it was clarified that no IGST would be applicable on such interstate movements of rigs, tools & spares and all goods on wheels. Doubts have been raised regarding applicability of GST on inter-state movement of machinery like tower cranes, rigs, batching plants, concrete pumps and mixers which are not mounted on wheels, but require regular means of conveyance (used by companies in Infrastructure business).

Any inter-state movement of goods for provision of service on own account by a service provider, where no transfer of title in such goods or transfer of goods to the distinct person by way of stock transfer is not involved, does not constitute a supply of such goods. Hence, it is clarified that any such movement on own account (not involving distinct person in terms of section 25), where such movement is not intended for further supply of such goods does not constitute a supply and would not be liable to GST.

The above clarification is issued by Ministry of Finance vide Circular No. 80/54 /2018-GST dtd. 31-12-2018

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