Email marketing for law firms

Marketing a law firm can be increasingly challenging. Finding new employees to work for a law firm can also be equally challenging.

One way a law firm can help itself is through email marketing. Email marketing can be effective and powerful. The cost of email marketing can be reasonable compared to numerous other options.

How Can Email Marketing Help Getting New Clients?

Email marketing can help law firms get new clientele. There are numerous ways in which law firms can utilize email marketing.

However, one way a law firm can utilize email marketing is to build an email database slowly through Mailchimp or a similar program. The law firm can fill the database with the email addresses of past and prospective clients.

Most law firms provide prospective clients with initial consultation agreements that request contact information, including an email address. Many potential clients can also contact a law firm through the contact form on their web page whereby they provide their email address.

A law firm can slowly build up an email list to send information to past and prospective clients. It could be that the law firm sends out blog articles, videos, and podcasts about the area of law in which they practice.

Much like the old bulletins law firms used, a law firm could send out emails at some interval, like once a month or even once a week. By sending out information regularly, it is plausible that past or prospective clients could hire the firm for new legal matters. These individuals might also have the law firm at the top of their minds when others are asking for a referral.

How Can Email Marketing Help With Recruiting?

Email marketing can also help with law firm recruiting. Most major job boards have an extensive database of individuals who have applied for or posted jobs with them. When a position opens, it is not uncommon for these major job boards to email blast out open positions to those in their database.

Similarly, a law firm can slowly build up a database within Mailchimp or a similar program. The database could comprise those who have applied to the law firm. It might also be email addresses that the law firm has gotten on LinkedIn, Indeed, or other job boards of lawyers, paralegals and other legal professionals.

In much the same way, the law firm could send out monthly or weekly emails that list all the positions open with their law firm. These emails could result in people who previously applied to the law firm reaching out again. Further, the law firm will be top of mind when an individual is talking to others about open positions in the community.

Feeding The Chimp Is Essential For Email Marketing To Work

For email marketing to work, a law firm must feed the chimp, meaning the must regularly add email addresses to the database. The more emails in the database, the more likely the email marketing will be successful. 

Of course, Mailchimp is not the only option. There are lots of other competitors in that sphere who offer similar services. But make no mistake: Email marketing can be highly effective for law firms who use it for marketing and recruiting.

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The post Email marketing: Are you feeding the chimp? first appeared on Kirk Stange on Law Firm Practice Management.

The post Email marketing: Are you feeding the chimp? appeared first on Kirk Stange on Law Firm Practice Management.