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Full Service

Multiple Author Bylines

Give credit everywhere it's due by listing all relevant authors in a post byline.

Author Archive Pages

Promote thought leadership by linking your byline or sidebar to a page displaying individual authors' names, bio, photo, RSS feed and most recent posts.


Dynamic Author List

Highlight contributing authors in an expandable list, populated by criteria as opposed to manually, that appears in your sidebar.


Author Portrait Bylines or Post Author Bio Box

Display authors' photos in the byline or their names, photos, social media icons, and bios in a box or at the end of blog posts.


Editor Pending Review Notifications

Blog editors can receive emails when an author or contributor has a post ready for review for a seamless, collaborative workflow.



The number of users who can access the admin area of your site and be authors on blog posts.


10 25 Unlimited

Dynamic Authors About Page

A page showcasing your authors that automatically pulls content from the users' profiles, complete with bios, photos and social icons.


Support & Training      

Email Support

Customer Success team available to answer any questions and offer support via email.


Community Support

Post questions to your peers in a community discussion forum, and voice your product feedback for our team.


Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for One Year

Trying out LexBlog is low risk. If you're not happy blogging with us, you can ask for up to 100% of your subscription back at the end of your first year.


Syndication to

We publish members' content on, the largest curated network of legal blogs with more than 15,000 social followers.


Members Only Webinars

Learn from our CEO and staff in regular online educational videos on topics ranging from defining your content niche to technical product updates.


Import Assistance from Another Platform

If you have an existing blog on another platform, a Success team member will import your content to get you publish-ready with LexBlog.


Members Only Knowledge Base

Get instant answers to questions or tips on blogging from the hundreds of webinars and articles in LexBlog's knowledge base, accessible right in the platform.


Strategy & Training Upgrade Available

Add on extra coaching sessions for in-depth support with goal-setting, strategy and tactics, and/or content feedback to help you reach and retain your target audience.


Launch Within One Week of Finishing Design

After you finalize your blog design, you can be blogging within a week.


Phone Support

Our Customer Success team is available to answer questions and troubleshoot over the phone during business hours.


Live Chat Support

Get immediate priority support during business hours via Live Chat right from your admin area.



Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

All blogs adhere to modern design standards and have a clean, responsive layout that can be viewed on mobile devices.


Disabilities Accessible Base Design

Your design can be built to accommodate readers with disabilities.


Header Graphics

Our design team will create a custom, responsive masthead graphic that aligns with subject matter of your blog.


Firm Logo Only

Logo, Color & Font Maintenance

Ongoing design updates to ensure your blog evolves with you brand guidelines.


Design Revision Rounds

We'll discuss your design goals, make revisions offline and, depending on your plan, offer one or two rounds of revision—with no limit on the number of changes you can make.


1 2

Advanced Contact Forms

Get the information you need from readers and potential clients with customizable contact form fields.


EU Cookie Disclaimers

Ensures your blog is in compliance with the Cookie Law for your readers in the European Union.


Magazine Homepage

Multi-column, magazine-style layout designed for groups publishing daily.


Homepage Featured Content Area

Highlight specific blog posts in a prominent section on your homepage.


Social & Subscribers      

Share Buttons

Enables readers to easily share your blog posts on their social networks.


Social Profile Buttons

Display your social profiles on your blog to connect with your audience and gain more followers.


Responsive Email Notifications

Whenever you post new content, your readers will receive a mobile friendly email notification designed to complement your blog.


Branded Branded

Twitter Engage Widget

Build your following with an embedded Twitter widget displaying recent Tweets in your sidebar.


Included Email Subscribers

The number of email subscribers your plan includes before you can purchase additional subscriber count or upgrade.


300 1,000 2,000

RSS Feeds

Readers can subscribe to the whole blog, tags, categories, or authors. On Full Service, you can modify the RSS feed to contain additional content so that you can display it on your other sites.


Customization Options

Email Subscribe Page

Direct clients and prospective clients to a separate page on which they can subscribe to your blog updates via email.


Email Subscriber Personalization

Gather additional information from your email subscribers when they sign up, such as their name and company.


Twitter Card Settings

Control how your content appears when it's shared on Twitter.


Facebook Open Graph Settings

Control how your posts appear when shared on Facebook.



Search Friendly Structure & Sitemap

LexBlog optimizes your sitemap and registers it with Google and Bing. Plus we follow SEO best practices, including avoiding duplicate content, adding headings for search indexing and ensuring pages are optimized for speed.


Optimized Title Tags

We have optimized structures in place for dynamic content in title tags, and for your custom pages, we craft those specifically as part of our launch process.


Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup

We'll set you up for Google Analytics and add your site to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.


Author Page Optimizations

We create pages that are search engine friendly for an author's name and contain their contact info and their posts, so that people searching an author's name can find the demonstration of their expertise.


Individual Post & Category SEO

Enables your authors to specify the post and category title tags, meta description and associated content (like Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card information) for SEO.


Topics Page

Display posts by category on a gridded Topics page to engage readers and reinforce your discoverability in searches.


Readability & SEO Analysis

This in-platform content analysis feature helps you write search and people friendly content by offering writing suggestions in real time.



Updates & Maintenance on WordPress-based Platform

We consistently test and update your blog to recent WordPress security and feature releases.


Primary & Secondary Domain Registration

We'll purchase and manage primary and secondary domain names, plus make sure they never expire.


Enterprise Cloud Hosting with Firewalls, Load Balancing, DDoS Mitigation, Redundancy

Your blog is stable, secure and speedy on our fully managed publishing platform.


Better than 99.95% uptime & 24/7 Transparent Incident Response

You can rest assured that your blog is online and that outages are responded to 24/7 with updates on our status page.


Fully Managed Nightly Offsite Backups

Our blogs are backed up off-site and nightly, so even if disaster strikes, your blog data will be there.


Unlimited Traffic & Bandwidth

Grow your audience with no worries: We offer unlimited traffic and bandwidth at optimal speeds.


Fast Loading with Content Delivery Network

Enjoy fast pageload times, even with spikes in traffic.


Full Content Exports Available to Migrate Away

If you're dissatisfied, you can take your content with you in a highly portable export format.


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