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Lately, in my professional and personal-professional online life, I’ve run into some significant barriers.  Like most of the world, at this point, I believe, I get a lot of my news from social media.  Admittedly, I am the person who

On my third or fourth day working for a bar association, I was invited to attend a “Law Week” planning meeting. In the meeting, one of the committee members was talking about a “fluffier” community outreach initiative – an elementary

Many moons ago, when I was a junior level associate at a public relations firm, I learned that I could create an entire legal marketing career just in submitting survey and award nominations. Over the years, it seems as though

Seriously, bar associations have a lot of stuff.  No matter how unique bars may be, I know there is a shared  struggle to get a lot of information out to members, leadership, the public, and other key audiences all at