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On Monday, September 27, 2021, a Massachusetts Federal Judge denied CleanSlate Center’s and its founder Dr. Amanda Wilson’s attempt to dismiss a False Claims Act case against it brought by our client. CleanSlate Centers operates a national chain of clinics
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In a Boston University Law School seminar on Whistleblower Law and Practice taught by WLC co-founder Bob Thomas, students started the semester examining whistleblowing in the national security context. Whistleblowers Daniel Ellsberg, Mark Felt, and Edward Snowden served as
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The Department of Justice has recovered $1 million in a urine drug testing fraud settlement with Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists (NAPS).  The False Claims Act (FCA) settlement resolves allegations that the Reno-based medical practice submitted false claims to Medicare.  The
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This summer, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) took two major steps forward in the longstanding battle against Medicare Advantage fraud.

  • First, the United States intervened in six separate False Claims Act (FCA) whistleblower cases alleging Medicare Advantage fraud.  The

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